Scent list

Watermelon: Juicy Watermelon enlivened with sweet peach, orange zest and fruity apple.

Thai lime & mango: A fruity blend of tart lime zest, melon and orange is contrasted against tonka sweetened mango and luscious foliage.

Parma Violet: A powdered violet aroma with intoxicating sweet citrus and luscious vanilla.

SweetPea: A spring breeze scent depicted with sweet peas, rose and white blossoms.

Pina colada: A luscious concoction of pineapple, coconut and bergamot which intoxify subtle violet and coriander on a rugged white rum base.

Bali spa: Basil and pimento infuse this Bali inspired spa blend, lifting notes of lavender and Jasmin which are comforted by rich patchouli and ginger spiced woods.

Unicorn Farts: A delectable sweet aroma of strawberry sugars, candy floss, vanilla bean and cinnamon

Monkey Farts: An electric blend of banana, grapefruit, strawberry, coconut, orange, lime, peach and raspberry in a creamy vanilla and jojoba allure.

Orange & Fig: Asian fig, contrasts its rugged fruit against the plants fragrant leaves, delivering notes of tart fig, raisin and cassis and complimenting them on a back drop of subtle foliage and spice blended with aroma of freshly squeezed oranges.

Snow Fairy: A fresh, uplifting bubble gummy scent. Very Similar to the high street bath bomb fragrance.  Cocoa & log fire: Rich coco bean opens the blend with velvety shimmer whilst royal ambers sparkle in spiced flames that dance on a cedar base.

A whole new world: An Arabian mirage of wealth, utilising deep lavish ouds, rose water, night blooming Jasmin and succulent peach flesh.

Sea Breeze: A fresh breeze scent depicted with sweet peas, rose and white blossoms.

Fresh linen: A luxurious cotton type, with white blossoms, lime zest, peach and lavender.

Gold orchid: Brilliant gold orchid shining with lemon rind, amber resin, tonka and coconut flesh.

Rich Lady: Fresh floral and woody accords of bitter orange enhanced with raspberry honey soaked neroli orange blossom Arabian jasmine gardenia and underlined with a patchouli and amber hue. Similar to a popular female perfume

Dazey: A fresh spring blend of Jasmin and dewy green daisy flowers contrasted against vibrant bergamot, sensual white woods and vanilla powder

Alien: A white floral fragrance with succulent amber, balsamic undertones, precious woods and exotic Indian jasmine.

Black Poppy: An addictive gourmand flower with notes of dark espresso, white florals and vanilla – for sweetness and erotic nature.

Viking: Our version of the Male fragrance By creed

Jupe: An oriental fragrance with fresh citrus top notes of mandarin lemon bergamot and orange blossom The floral heart is delicate with soft blooms of jasmine, lily of the valley and heliotrope. Sweet cinnamon, patchouli and sandalwood tantalise the creamy base of vanilla, tonka bean.