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Toilet & mop bomb clams

Toilet & mop bomb clams
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Clam shell of toilet & mop bomb!

Simply snap a section and pop 1 bomb into your toilet or mop bucket and watch it fizz!

For use in toilets, we recommend pouring some warm water into the loo first as this will maximise the foam. Wait a few minutes for the magic to happen and then give the loo a good scrub with your brush. You can then either flush as usual or leave it in.

For use in mop buckets or to freshen your sink use as above and get straight to mopping.

Always test a small area before using this product
Keep out of reach of children and animals.
Wash hands after use.
DO NOT use in bath water, the added ingredients will cause skin irritation.

Do not throw the fizz bomb into the toilet gently place to avoid splashing